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What are past clients saying?

"John Posey is a fantastic actor and an incredibly powerful acting coach"
                                                                                                           -Wendy Alane Wright, TMFA

"John is the teacher that will believe in you, even when you don't believe in yourself. He always is seeing your full potential and pushing you to reach that goal. Without John, I wouldn't have the strength to continue chasing my dream, and I am thankful for him everyday."
                                                                                  -Connor Carlson, Actor

"He taught us everything we know!... and some acting too."
                                                                                    -Tyler & Jesse Posey, Actors & John's Sons

"John has worked for me as both an actor and screenwriter. He is always engaging, imaginative and professional. I have sent many acting students his way throughout my career with the confidence of knowing they are in great hands. John is a terrific actor himself and a great communicator. I am not surprised he is at the top of the heap when actors are looking for a coach they can trust."
                                                                     -Michael Pavone, Director and Executive Producer 

"John has created a space for actors to get a fantastic workout. When you’re there, you
feel like you are with family. He couldn’t be more supportive and he exudes kindness
and a genuine thrill for each actor in his class to create at the highest levels. Being an
actor himself with an impressive resume, John is able to identify each actor’s strengths
and help them take their work to the next level, which is invaluable."

   -Samantha Carpel, Actor

"John Posey is a wonderful “Actors Actor-Teacher.” He inspires confidence! John creates a desire to go beyond one’s ideas of a scene and into areas that cannot be preconceived. His class becomes a safe haven for exploration and true creative growth."
-Claudia Stedelin, Actor

"John is a great coach with a well-balanced technique of constructive criticism, direction,
and encouragement. He knows how to bring out the best in any actor.  Whether you're new to the business or a veteran who wants to keep their chops up, you can't go wrong with John Posey."

                                                             -BJ Barie, Actor

"I started taking scene study classes with John Posey when I was 8. Even though I was
young back then, I knew that he was a coach I would always work with, and that he was
and is a great acting coach. He had good scenes for us and knew how to direct all of us
and bring out our best talent. He also knew how to help us improve as actors. He is
really kind to everyone and we all felt like we were important. As I have grown up I still
like John’s style of teaching and directing, a lot. He is someone my brother and I will
always count on for honesty and solid direction. My family has recommended him to so
many people and everyone says the same thing. 'John Posey is one of the best
coaches and directors we have ever worked with.' Trust me, he’s great."

                                                                                                                       -Zackary Arthur, Actor
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